Build A List-Growing Lead Magnet

in 30 Minutes with AI!

Welcome To The Digital Wild West

Where algorithms are as fickle as a cat with a new toy.

But don't despair, you've got 90-Day Campaigns on your side. We're here to help you reclaim control and ditch algorithm pleasing for good.

Why You Need Lead Magnet Magic

Own Your Channel

Social media algorithms are constantly changing. A lead magnet is designed to give you steady footing, allowing you to capture leads on your terms.

Qualify Your Leads

A lead magnet is more than just a capture technique. It's an opportunity for you to qualify leads and build relationships with prospective customers.

Build Trust

In a world rife with digital tricksters and charlatans, trust is as rare as a pearl. Learn how to use lead magnets to build trust and establish yourself as an authority in your industry.

Start the Conversation

A lead magnet is more than just a hook; it's an opportunity to engage with your audience and show them you've got what it takes to solve their problems.

Meet Your Instructor

Mickey Anderson

Mickey Anderson is a seasoned campaign strategist, conversion copywriter, and conversion optimization specialist who's redefining the marketing game.

Mickey Anderson, affectionately known as 'The Marketing Closer' for her bottom-of-funnel expertise, isn't just a marketing expert; she's your ally in achieving unparalleled success! With over a decade of driving high-impact campaigns and conversion optimization, Mickey embodies the passion, expertise, and strategic insight needed to transform your marketing into consistent revenue growth.

What You Get

30-Minute Masterclass

Your on-demand step-by-step guide to building a list-growing lead magnet in 30-min with AI!

AI Lead Magnet Toolkit

The Lead Magnet Magic Toolkit includes easy to follow instructions with and copy-and-paste prompts!

AI Prompt Generator

Get a BONUS AI Prompt Generator Tool to easily create the perfect AI prompt in seconds for any job!

In just half an hour, we promise to teach you how to create a list-growing lead magnet using AI.

We're not about smoke and mirrors.

We're talking about tangible results that will transform your business in less time than it takes to raid the kitchen for an afternoon snack.

Ready to saddle up and grow your list?

So, click that button, sign up, and let's ride into the sunset together.

In the world of B2B marketing, it's survival of the fittest.

And with us by your side, you'll be king of the jungle in no time.

Welcome to the revolution. Welcome to Lead Magnet Magic.

Or just wait until you have more time...'cause that'll happen soon.

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