You didn’t write a book for no one to read

Okay, well, your publisher has read your book, and maybe your mom and your best friend. But that can’t be it!

You've successfully put a life-changing message into words, and it would be selfish not to share that with the world. If your expertise is worth wiring about, they're worth selling ‒ a lot!

If your writing is better than your book marketing, don’t worry; hand over the baton to us, and we'll take it from here.

Generate a reader database

Unlock a book campaign that builds a pipeline of ideal readers and buyers.

Hit the bank with book sales

Drive sales with a seamless book funnel and epic book launch marketing.

Spin-off into more business sales

Use book marketing as a sales tool that drives additional revenue for your business.

With over 2.3 million books self-published in 2021 alone, the competition is fierce.

The average new book sells less than 1,000 copies over its lifetime.Don't let your book get lost in the crowd.

Remember the good old days when bestsellers were REALLY bestsellers? Let’s rewind to a time when writing was a highly respected craft and not just a trend.

Set yourself apart from the fly-by-nights. Your book wasn’t meant to be mediocre. It was meant for greatness.

Greatness begins with a talented author (you) and ends with a magical book launch campaign. We’ve got the potion.

Don’t let those hours spent at the keyboard go to waste

Crafting a must-read costs you time, effort and money. Now it’s time to reap your rewards with focused book marketing. 

Your must-read deserves to be well-read.

After long hours, sleepless nights, and far too much coffee, the last thing you want is to spend even more long hours trying to market your book. Let us boost your book all the way down the book sales funnel with a 90-day book launch campaign Charles Dickens would have loved to get his hands on!

Great book launches start before the book hits the shelves

The pre-launch phase is key to generating awareness, growing your list, and maximizing sales.

And just because your book hits the shelves doesn't mean it will sell

Maximizing the post-launch with ongoing marketing is key in driving sales, generating reviews, and earning that coveted bestseller label.

Alert: Retailers have the option to return a book within 30 days if it does not sell!

You signed up to be an author...Not a marketer 

And that's why we created the 90-Day Book Launch Campaign

We’re the ones to call if you’re serious about a big book campaign that earns big returns. Our team has over 10 years of experience creating and leading book marketing campaigns that generate over 6 and 7 figures in profits.

Get your book in the hands of more readers!

Congratulations! You’re now a published author in addition to being a recognized professional in your niche. The reality is that books don’t sell themselves. You have to be the primary advocate and promoter of your book.

But that doesn't have to be a solo journey. We’ll help you:

  • Launch your book on the right platforms

  • Secure a growing list of ideal readers

  • Ditch the stress of figuring out what to post

  • Propel your bestseller down the book funnel

Professional book launch strategy & marketing

 We may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but we know how to launch a book campaign like the perfect brew ‒ strong and approved by those with good taste.

How our book launch campaign works


Without a strategy, you're throwing spaghetti on the wall to see what sticks. In 90 days, our custom book launch strategy will reach your target readers and maximize book sales.


If you can visualize your perfect reader, we can help you build a pipeline and sell more consistently through effective book marketing that’s not wasted on the wrong audience.


Get your must-read into the hands of buyers with a show-stopping book launch. We transform dream readers into raving fans by leveraging paid and organic channels in your book funnel.

Is a book launch campaign right for you?

This IS for you if:

  • You've written a must-read non-fiction, how-to, or thought-leadership book.

  • You just set your publishing date, or your book has already been published and needs a relaunch.

  • You have a website that’s not doing much (we can fix it up to sell your book).

  • You have an email marketing platform (ex. Mailchimp, MailerLite, ActiveCampaign).

  • You want a book marketing team that knows how to sell, so you don’t have to. We tackle everything from start to finish in a seamless and luxurious experience.

Embark on the ultimate book launch campaign with our luxury book marketing services:


We'll sculpt your customized book marketing strategy to attract ideal readers and sell more books.

Website Content

High-performing websites need binge-worthy content. We do SEO-optimized web content that drives traffic and converts.

Email Marketing

Authors need email lists, too. We'll help you grow it and put it into action for increasing fans and sales.

Social Media

We'll action paid and organic social media services as a powerful book marketing tool for visible online presence.

Paid Advertising

Our book campaigns reach readers. Period. Expand your reach and accelerate sales with research-based paid advertising.

Turn the page on complicated processes. Spark your book launch in 3 easy steps


Book a free consultation call to help us understand your goals and needs.


Build your book marketing strategy and book launch calendar.


Do a happy dance as you see those sales roll down the book funnel.

Or just hope and pray that your publisher takes care of it...

But we both know this may not have a good ending. Distribution networks alone won't get your book from the shelf to the reader’s desk.

We’ll actively promote your book in an intensive capsule book launch campaign to get it the attention and longevity it needs.

Don’t jump without a parachute. Launch your book with us for a safe landing.

Starting a book launch campaign is a big decision. Book a consultation call and we'll answer all of your questions – no pressure.

If we’re not a good fit, we’ll do our best to recommend another book marketing strategy that meets your needs.


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